Happy & Sad

Happy Birthday HeatoN

June 14th, 1984 a Swedish child was born who 15 years later became known to the world as the one and only, yes that’s right, we are indeed talking about Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen who turned 22 years old today.

When asked what he was planning on doing for his birthday this year his answer was “Playing CS :D” which NiP will be doing all week at Gamers Paradise in order to prepare for the upcoming Dreamhack event.

For those of you near Stockholm feel free to bake HeatoN a special birthday cake (or buy some tacos) and come on over to Gamers Paradise to visit the ninjas in pyjamas and say happy birthday to HeatoN in person or if that is too much trouble for you then you can always do so in the comments.

All of us here at NiP would like to wish you a happy 22nd birthday HeatoN!



http://www.nip-gaming.com/images/news/hbdaypic.jpg ===================================== SAD today i made her get mad again :{ but don’t know why hope she can be happy tomorrow