Sk insider:The Money System

The money system of Counter-Strike is very simple and easy to understand, when you know how much you earn by winning a round, and losing one. Knowing and being able to use the system will give you more knowledge about the game, and will improve your gameplay, and efficiency as a team.

Being able to know that you can drop a weapon for your teammate before the round starts will spare that extra talk about who’s gonna drop that gun. It will also spare you those extra seconds when you’re having the “drop talk”, to analyse a few extra seconds, where the enemy is weak, and what to do that round. Once you’ve mastered the system, I’m sure you will understand what I mean.

How the system works.

The following table describes every possible way you can earn money in CS. There’s no other way to earn money faster, or slower than this, except for a bug that I won’t mention here.

Losing a pistol round:


Losing a round:


Winning a round:


Defusing the bomb:


Planting the bomb:


Killing an enemy:




Bonus for every lost round:


Maximum after a pistol round:


Maximum after a normal round:


As you can see you get a slight bonus every time you lose a round, except the first lost round (you don’t get a bonus the first lost round). This means, if you lose the pistol round, you will get $1400. Most teams do two economical rounds, meaning you don’t buy anything, or buy very little, let’s say a HE granade for example. The maximum ammount you can end up with after those two ecos would be: 800+1400+1500+500+1500+500=$6200.
Note: This is if you don’t buy anything during the pistol round.
So most likely you will end up between $5200-$6200 if you don’t buy anything else and don’t kill anyone during these 3 rounds. Here’s an example for CT side, of what you can buy and still have money for the nessesary equipment during round 4.

You start off with $800. You buy HE, flash, a defuse kit, and two clips for the usp. That leaves you with $50. Lets say you get one kill, but your team looses the round. That leaves you with ยค1750 in round 2. Go full eco on this round. Hopefully you can take one out if you’re lucky. You will end up with $3950. Without a doubt, you can buy a deagle with two clips and still have enough money to buy everything you want for the 4th round. So thats $3950 - the cost for the deagle which is: 650+40+40=$730. You now got $3220. This deagle is very good. If you’re lucky you can get a lucky 1 shot at the opponent, and swoosh, you’ve got yourself an AK dubbeling your chances of picking of another opponent! This also messes up your opponents money, making him unable to drop a weapon next round. So your deagle has cost your opponent his full equipment! Which is quite good, since you will end up with $5120.

The importance of communication.

A rule every clan should have, is that after every lost round, you write your money in team_say. Default button: U. This way you can way more easily determine if your team needs an eco or not.
I’ve seen alot of clans, where some say their money in ventrilo, some in team say, some don’t say anything at all. How are you gonna decide wether to eco or not? If everyone writes their money after a lost round, you will save both time, and your throat yelling eco/buy!


Player 1: 3.3k
Player 2: 5.2k
Player 3: 1.7k
Player 4: 7.1k
Player 5: 3.8k

And remember(!) only the ingame leader says if you’re gonna eco or not. Otherwise we will have the same trouble as if you were going to say your money in ventrilo etc.

Analyse your opponent.

This is essential to sucess. You must analyse your opponents. What weapons are they buying? Did they buy armor? Did they plant the bomb?
One thing you can keep in mind as CT, or T, if the Terrorists lost the pistol round, but managed to plant the bomb that round, or the first eco round, they will most likely buy as much as they can on the third round. This is a smart move, since some of the CT’s may have only mp5’s or famas, and will have problems dealing with terrorists armed with AK’s.
However, they will have a harder time attacking, since they won’t have absolutly full equipment, in example; they won’t be able to buy Awp’s. The Terrorists will only have around $4000 if they bought at the pistolround. This means they will have probably an AK($2500), kevlar&helmet($1000) and a flash($200) and clips for the AK. So if the CT uses their flashes and HE grandes right, they will be able to stop the attack from the rushing terrorists more easilly than if they had eco’ed once more and attacked with full equipment. Wether to buy on that third round or not, is up to you guys.

And here follows some questions to SK|vilden regarding the money system!

1.If you end up with $3800, and no one of your teammates are able to drop, what shall you buy as Terrorist/ Counter-Terrorists?

SK|vilden: As terrorist you will most likely buy in such a situation. But it also depends on which map you are playing. On an open map like dust2 you will have a bigger chance to win that round than you have on nuke for instance.
What also have an impact on this are your tactics, if they can be executed almost without grenades. So you need to keep in mind that it’s important to have tactics that are useable without grenades aswell. If it’s only one player, he should buy an ak47 with one flash and one ammoclip.
And regarding CT, it’s easy to answer. You should never buy when the whole team got $3800. If it’s only one player that got 3800, he should go for famas.

2. Is there any good way of telling if and why you should save your weapons?

SK|vilden: In a situation where you know that you most likely will loose the round, you should always save, I mean, that’s logical. Since there’s always a better chance to win the the next round if it’s eco and two players still got their weapon.

3. Do you got any good tips how to analyse your opponent? To tell if they will be ecoing the next round, or if they got alot of money?

SK|vilden: The moneysystem nowadays isnt hard to understand, nor is it as needed as before. But everyone should know that you get $1500 after you first loss, after a round you won. Lets say that you are up 3-0, you loose the 4th round and then you win again. (4-1) Then you will know that your opponents got 1500$ that round after. Which in 9/10 cases means eco for them.
If they keep loosing after that they will get +1900$, +$2400, +$2900 and a maximum of $3000 till they win a round. (If a team keeps loosing from the gunround, it will look like this; +$1400, +$1900, +$2400, +$2900 and a maximum of +$3400).
Another important thing that is needed to know about, even though I believe almost everyone knows, is that, when Terrorists looses a round but plants the bomb, they will get 800$ more than what they would get without it. So, if you win the gunround as CT and T’s got plant + 1 or more frags, they will be able to drop an ak.
So it’s important to have in mind that your opponents can surprise you and buy the second round with ak’s and deagles.