pou them seems like a little bit late,but whatever,you can read them.

Wow there’s two days after my’s wonderful that I can said.The building HERE are high and modern or a little beyond the time that i live at. and what about Liuzhou,hmmmmmm don’t mention it.two cities that just do not compare.also the goods here are higher prize.damn it.

but the way,the girl who i miss so much now accepted my invite to my b-day,and with my turns to 1 8 .i got so nervous and excited,but.. what’s the hell,let it be and face it.

hummmmmmm,what’s the fuck bus of beijing,the CAPITAL OF NATION.three buses PASSED ME LIKE A WIND,A WILD WIND.i felt i have had a war when i got in the bus.also likes procreating when i tried hardly for the litte room. but,i know the girl a little more than yesterdat,who next to me,she’s not bad,humm.  she got my qq number,wow.and i show her my school where i study in.she’s suprised. it’s really funny.
The new teacher , that’s not bad.but i am better in physics,i am FULLY CERTAIN OF IT.
ok,that all i can MEMORIZE,its time to sleep. good DREAM,Mr.sunus.


what a nice day i had  ,that’s what i want to say.hummm,i downloaded two games called Miniblaster and PuzzleBobbleVS.but in fact,the PuzzleBobbleVS was such a game that i don’t know how to Play.and hard to set up because of the low MEMORY.WTF? fortunately,i got Miniblaster,the game attracted her a lot, i think. so,we played together and against.obviously,i won the game  eventually.palapalala…
btw,with a pity,i intented to invite her for hanging out, play or see a movie.but i couldn’t catch any  apporunity TO SAY THAT.I WISH I HAD SAID,EVEN IF GOT REFUSED.DAMN IT


  Actually,today was not bad. we got closer by the MiNIblaster. She seems to be attracted by THE LITTLE i couldn’t imagine that. Still,it’s so lovely that i had no reason to refused to played with , also i find the game was more and more interesting , so we played againist.Boom Boomm Boom….As she said beford the game get started that she had trained and passed to the level eight.She became stronger,apparently.So i pay more attention on it,but… ehhh  games is for boys even if she got powerful-bomb that is what i had to say after some rounds.however, she did many real’ly great planted that the bomb around me.So skilled she was.
  There’s some interesting and funny SCENE worth to mentioning that we two bomber stood in the one box and face two bomer IT MEANS ALL OF US WERE GONNO TO was dismay to her but me.Because i got two liVES ,lol.and sometimes we did the same things that went a same route,planted in the same box,etc.When that happened,she laughted and said something like “don’t follow me,you jackass,don’t take my  target” .. i will let her win more tomorrow,I think.
  And pity as yesterdat,as I always did,i had no courage to invited she for play outside,maybe there’s now chance to said.but however,the apporunity needed caught by oneself,doesn’t it?
  By the way, i became weaker and weaker in count-strike that i have been playing for almost five years. HeatoN had gone,so does the man that I used to be.
  By the way again,CJ7 IS SUCH A WONDERFUL MOVIE WHICH IMPRESSED ME A LOT.even though it was no as funny as chou’s movies.
  that’s all.good dream and headshot.

  yeah,i sent my contact card to her as a gift.i got nervous when i said “humm,i would give you a present as the new year gift”,but finally,i sent and she received.BTW we got  four days-off.that’s great.i can have enough sleep again.
  humm,i have the cable tv repaired,what a genius i,but i almost damaged my cellphone,it shocked me a lot.God blessed~
 Tomorrow, i will pick up my mom.LONG TIME NO SEE,I MISS HER A LOT