Do what you plan to do and plan what you gonna to do.
sounds awesome!
get started.
The fresh start for any moment is available,so,i pick it up at  once.
Over a period of two weeks or so,i got totally failed.whatevre study or emotion,frankly,i did want to set them right,but the effeort i made far from it’s needed.Then i didn’t take actions in response to fix them,and Let them act of their owe accord.
It’s best that emotion comes of her own accord but STUDY.
when exams towards,i did something that should have done in earier days.Absolutely it doesn work.
Now,it’s a TOUGH time i have to meet.but i have never been afraid of it.soon or later,i can win,i’m born winner.
i am superb,but a little lazy in doing memorization works,As well as careless.
It was the reasons why i failed.And sometimes i loaded with anxieties.
But i am a student,i have to lead a STUDENT-STYLE life.
As a reault of above all,the highest-emergencies is do what i plan to do and plan what gonna to do.
with a stone’s far,i can easily get it.
let’s see what will happen.