Do Be Careful!

  hum…Today,i just did some exam of physics , math and Chinese.But i felt not comfortable at now.
In a word,what makes me so freak out of fucked up is The CARELESS!I hate it since i grew into a student who always has endless exams to be face.
As far I see,there is some situations i always meet and did something stupid again and again.
  To start with,when i met some easy questions,i would pride of myself.Then The CARELESS GENE  became activity and worked effective,So i can look decrease as increase etc… Just like I did it before ,even this morning.
  Next,If something makes me puzzled,i also will be lost my care.whatever. Then i came up with great ideas,The careless showed up again,which makes some IMPORTANT informations went away or just missing.What the fuck! That’s what makes me hammered the desk when the exam paper just handed in.
  Eventually,i can not put up with it,So i just bloged it.Hope anyone who can takes it away will come and take it away!
Thanks God!
Btw,today The Fucking CAreless takes almost 21scores from me.congratulations to you guys! I will pay you back!


Btw #2,One of the best SWEDISH COUNTER-STRIKE 1.6 player,Known as  ‘zet’ just cameback,but his  first performance did not as good as he used to.WHat a pity,as did I.