Write Something

lol,long time no update on my space,actually,it didn’t beacaus i was busy in studying stuff or someing,just didn’t.

now,i think i should write something whatever it’s.

in relationship fields,i just got dumpped.and that fine,in fact we are not match each other at all! Sooner we parted,better to come earlier.

some of my classmates went wild,and i just leave them alone,i knew i cant change their minds or something.so i just keep being who i am and tring to be better and better.i always said to myself,once i come to top,i would never fall down.though i am sill climbing with blood and ters,but i definitely believe that one day i must be amply rewarded.

plus.i meet a little nice girl from america,i knew something about american brands,shows etc from her,that’s funny.

sometimes,we had have some misunderstanding in conversation.but not that much,and it’s not a super big deal,lol

as far as i want,that’s all i want to blog,as a general updating.


see you-.-