Hi! 2009

Well,how time flies.It’s 2009. I Just took a shower,a long shower,when i came out it’s almost 11:57pm! Oh,dear sunus,You dropped all bad luck,and sadness,frustrations,disappointment etc in the previous year,and get a ALL-NEW 2009. Its just feel extremely great!So,I am a guy of ambition,which means i will ALWAYS to do everything to achieve my goals and keep chasing everything i want.No matter how difficult or impossible it is.Even though 2008 was a pretty tough year i have ever had,i still went through it. Besides,2008 also means a lot t o me.In previous year,i figured something out.Such as the facts i am faced,or the important of the educations and which job i wanna do and love to do in the future. oh,lets blog something funny,interesting thing on it. I got dumped(oh..forget it). humm.. in fact.i cannot remember much funny things,but i am pretty sure that they have had happened and i enjoyed them a lot.

humm,SHAILENE WOODLEY,i hope you can read this blog.because i love you very muuuuuuuuuuuuuch.lol 
Happy new year to all my friends,family,enemies,etc.....especially include two ebuddys the BIG JANA and IKA******? whatever it's,you know thats you.also thanks italki,its you that make me have those wonderful friends.even though we still haven't had talk yet:)(

BTW:a 21days project will be carry out from now on,let’s see what will happened.^ BTW#2: i think i will date SOMEONE in 2009,who is the luckiest lady in the world?I am looking forward to it. BTW#3:Mr.Q i know whom you crash on,i am very surprised about that lolololol. whatever,keep going! BTW#4:Happy new year and gooooooooooooood gggggggggggoood luck in 2009! Because you got sunus who is you BFF! BTW#5:to be posted…