uh,in fact,actually,i wrote this bolg in a few days ago.


  The Chinese new year of 2009  Now,i am sitting in a car,which will arrive in liuzhou within one hour. Those days,i lived in my grandma’s who lives in guilin.She is already turned 80,or higher,but,still healthy and happy.Espeically i can make it be with her and celebrate this festival.After she told me about this,i dont know what to say,just kept eating.Suddently,i felt like i was going to cry…. Afterwards,i started thinking about those people around me,especially the olds.My grandparents,i can not imagine how much they love me,i appreciate them.I am thankful to them,but i realized that NOT MATTER WHAT I DID,DO,GOING TO DO CANONT ENOUGH RECIPROCATE THEM.However,i will try my best to make them happy and proud of me.I promise, right now.        okay,here’s another thing to post,i asked a gril out for movie,but,in fact,i just wanted to STAND HER UP,so,i texted that”hi,how are you?Wanna a movie with me? or something like that….Then she accepted,but set a time that i have already to town.This afternoon,i afraid that what if i get screwed up?Omfg…Who knows.Btw,if only she didnt stand me up so many times,i wouldnt do this to reward  update#1 Back home now,but,maybe,i got screwed up….



FINALLY, MR.sunus got screwed up. lol tatolly screwed up.