Okay, its MY FIRST BLOG FOR SCHOOL ASSINGMENT. And, what the hell is that? I dunno.


Anyway, here we go:


The first one is about a phenomenon that parents drive their kids to school and back home. Meanwhile, some statistic had been given. Such as some views of support or object.


First of all, every garden has weeds. There is no exception that a thing is absolutely right and l00% perfect. So I think the most reasonable reasons to picking up kids are safe and saving times. Also, it is comfortable and makes a bit of more time to communicate with their kids. To this point, I cannot totally favor. But it’s an acceptable one.

 Besides, I don’t thinks it’s a good ideal for those who wand to make their kids turn into a independent person, which is far more important than a comfortable environment or something like that.

  All in all, I just hope that we kids can get more spaces and time to be a man who is strong in mind and body.  Who doesn’t?


DONE, I don’t know how much words I have typed, but I am sure that I reached the limit ion even beyond it, whatever.


Here comes the second one:

Well, this assignment is about a boy and a girl. They are in a peak which can see the sun rises up. While they’re seeing the scenery of the nature, one of them may say: “look, the sun is rising now. But, eventually, it will go down. And tomorrow is another day. That’s how the world works, likes life. Our lives were filled with ups and downs. We have already aware of that clearly. However, sometimes, we cannot accept our mistakes or failures. We want badly to be in the top of the mountain all the time. But No one can make it happen as he wishes. Even though he is trying hard with all might he got, but he cannot keep moving on without an obstacle. What I am going to express here is one should realize a truth that everything has its own way to work, we cannot against