Weekly Update

all right,Here I am.
technically,I finished it in several days ago and kept on my laptop.now,it’s time to post.
by the way,due to the situation where i was in before,maybe it’s different from what it’s now.Or it would have remained the same until several minutes before i got i new message.
i am going to watch some movies now,so i just post what i have wrote before.If you want a new one,which is also interesting and complicated,just keep clicking the REFRESH button.It could be jump out any time:)

Those things should be blogged,Though,its kinda complicated.  Well,a tough week is gone,put that exams,which isn’t the point i wanna do on my blog,aside . So,here comes the thing.A couple of weeks late,a friendship that i thought would be long locked and remained in my mind and hers -maybe- was BACK. It happened suddenly,even without a single sign! So,on that very last vacation,we did have had a great time,which i didn’t expect at all. Life isn’t suck all time,but sometimes,life is changeable and make people screw things up. When we back to school on the second time,Both of we were much relaxed than the first time ,which with chocolates giving and teachers keeping us company: ) .its good. I didn’t even think about how to cope this relationship. The very sensitive period that those a few days after back to school came again.I don’t think i can fully take the fact that watching she and her male friend hanging out together. I asked myself “from scale one to ten,how uncomfortable you were?” i picked 6 or 7,somehow.Then,a word popped out,its JEALOUS! Am i jealous of her friends? I don’t know,anyway,i cannot chase any girl right now.who cares whomever she hangs out with? I do,without a significant reason.Complicated as it is,i am going to figure that out.If i cannot handle this well.The friendship that i care about may go,again. Also,the feelings that being told about her friends”s stuff didn’t sweet at all,which i often did that to others.So,i will try to avoid that happening. Finally,the gay-friends statement turned out to be useless.What the hell is so-called gayfriends relationship that beyond friendship. I just hope that i wont get screwed up this time.I do care about you,but,how am i suppose to do?

maybe,something comes around:):)