Birthday's Eve.

  Uhh,Its 25/03/09.The night before I turning to 19. Mr.Sunus,’who was born 26/03/1990,is warmly welcoming his 19th birthday by this blog,right here,right now:) a couple of weeks ago,i sat my mind to prepare a special birthday present for myself. In fact, the present wasn’t that special at all. A great performance at 3th whole city’s exams is one of the thing i wanted. I would definitely not put it as “everything i wanted” nor “the only thing i wanted”. I am not gone that far,nevertheless,i do count it.   Now,It seems like the present wasn’t as good as i expected,but,in some degrees,i still smell some scent that like a kind of present. If you want to get excellent,you are likely to be good. But if the getting qualified is what you want,you can possibly get out. Such is life,”the bitch who you can never dump”. I accept it,and struggle for a higher level in the next year.  
  In the end,thx those people around sunus,female and male,old and young,beautiful and ugly,etc. I love you!
Gooooooooooooood bye the 18-year-old sunus!