The Introduction to My New 4th English Notebook.

  I came up with this idea that i needed a 4th English notebook on several days ago. In fact,I would rather call it “stupid log” than a regular notebook that i already have three. Due to the National colleges entrance exam,I have to grab every single point that i can possibly lose by bad luck or something .Even thought,I still can do it well without those points and far beyond average standard. But,some stupid mistakes that such as countable/uncountable words,strange expressions and grammar rules i will make are avoidable.As long as i keep recording them by myself in beautiful hand-writing.

  When it comes to hand-writhing,There is a lot of things  to talk about. Fabulous as my writhing skill is,it still didn’t satisfy judge’s requirement.Or in otherr word,when teacher,who teaches my English,reviewed my essays usually said that”Except your poor handwriting and some small mistakes,its a pretty good one ,etc.Finally,It always earned some extra points which won’t be counted at all.Because they,who judge my essays, like beautiful handwriting more than native expressions,they like easier sentences than complicated clause or some exactly accurate words that i thought a lot. It seems like ridiculous that a beautiful handwriting beats everything, Including those skills that most students didn’t and won’t have.In order to ACTIVATE those sentences, i will practise handwriting when i log those stupid mistakes. 

  Last but not least,In case of i have nothing to review before exams take place,this stupid log finally showed up.  Hopefully it will work. Depend on those facts,I got this notebook and wrote this introduction. It’s pretty funny,uhh? 

  Good Luck!


Btw,This stupid log with everything that within it will be auto-DESTORYED on 08/06/09.