yeah,finally. It’s settle down.
  The damn fucking exams are gone for at least three months.
  Now,I just finished that task,technologically,the result is not as good as i expected.But,however,i made it top 10000 among 300000 students.
  Looking back the old days,three years ago i came to a high school that is the best school in the city.Then high school life began. I got some brothers,I got crush on somebody,and I got dumped as well. I am totally fine with the fact that i am not as perfect as i want to,even though i did/do shine sometimes.As a matter of fact,A failure at exams does not fade one’s capabilities.Besides,i have to say that those who got good grades are deserved that,because It did call for hard-working and some kind of intelligence and unyielding struggle in the hell of classrooms. I did poor than them because i deserved what i got,too.
  Anyway,That’s just the end of the past and the beginning of the future,life still goes on and sunus will be strong enough to fact whatever happens.
  At the end of the day,the summer break is fabulous ! Enjoy it!