12years Ended Up With a SMS! OMFG!

yeah,as the title goes, Sunus’ 12years elementary studying times is OFFICIALLY over. Now,it’s 4am,a middle night i just could not get into sleep.i was charged with tons of energy by that SMS. so i feel obliged to write something,something that i can release my real feelings.

    OK,Let’s begin with the challenges i have faced.Every time when i meet a new challenge,especially some big,important ones,I can not put the best of myself into it and eventually the results came with a surprise,a damn annoying  surprise just made things became a total mess.Then,something turned around.I began to find the good sides of the situations which seem rather bad in the first place.As a consequence of that kind of thing,i just GOT THROUGH those challenges with ACCEPTABLE final results. And time proved it for several times.Alright,then,Such is life,whether you struggle for a high level or go to hell.

     Then,I want talk about the good college.As we all know,A tons of challenges out there,the good ones,the bad ones,or the finest ones,etc.But it’s absolutely not the only way to success.Many people,great people made their names in the history,didn’t finish the college education.I put those examples on here just want to convey this very point that “Some people just meant to be somebody,No matter what college he gets in.” Besides,I said that do not only because I want to encourage myself but also encourage those who was bothered by the future or colleges or something like that.There must be a reason for you that why things went on like this,maybe,It’s god’s perfect plan? Believe me,It’s a path that towards something great,but you just did NOT see it thoroughly right now. hum,it’s 5.21 am,i feel a little tried.so i decide to get some sleep right away.Tomorrow is the another day and the SUMMER BREAK officially begins! Let’s rock!

      BTW,i will put that damn SMS on this blog as soon as everything settle down.so , just wait and see how lucky i am to got that fabulous scores:<

Peace and out.