It Just Bothers Me. DAMN IT!

  I don’t know somehow.The moment after i handed that paper with my signature i suddenly felt empty,helpless,etc.It’s like something,something that’s special or important to you, was taken away from you.And those feelings can never be foresaw before today,right now.

  It turns out that something i can’t let them go as freely as air.Friendships,kind of relationships things and so on just all came up to my mind then messed it all up.I had to force myself to accept the fact that something just won’t last as long as i wish,it’s going to come to an end sooner or later.But when i take a look at the bright side,new friends have to be met,new relationships will be built,Did i look forward to those fresh stuffs? Of course i did! But when it comes to real,it’s different.

   Besides,i got a feeling that i did have some advantages like choose the path i want to ,even the right to choose were GONE.Suddenly i felt like i am at the mercy of fate and there’s nothing i can do about it.Oh,damn it! It just annoys,bothers me too much!

     So,from this moment towards,i have got to keep myself occupied till the day i feel better,peaceful inside.Given the conditions like that,C is a good option and what’s more? I am loving it and i am dedicate for it.So,just get down to work! Hopefully,good luck and blessing will be around with me.

  over ‘n’ out