Hi there! Now,i get my last one hour at home,oh damn it,it’s 3 minutes down..and time goes on as usual.

What you’re reading is my first blog i post via my new laptop,my first blog after i got in TJPU and Last one before i officially leave town where i lived for almost 19years and move out of house where i just found i love it so much. Nevertheless A man has got to explorer those place he’s never been and fight for a better future to prove his own unique value. So,i gotta STEP UP! i think i can do that,and i can  make another story just like “From zero to hero” :D

  Too many things happened those days,I experienced happiness times with my best friends and so sad moments.Overall,Its been a good memories i will never forget,i cherish those moments,i value what you guys said. And most importantly,I consider you as my best friend,I will and always think of you when i am filled with loneliness or happiness,i wanna share those feelings with you.that’s what best friends do.

   hum,half an hour gone,which means i just have 30minutes to go or i just write whatever i like till i take off. :D

  To tell you a secret just for my best friends.i did some kinda illegal stuff yesterday.If you wanna know the detail,call me ^^

Last a few words i feel like to say,i am good to go right now,Its hard for me,though.A whole new journey is about to start and i don’t care what in store for me.By far,for my eyes,Its happyvalley! i am coming,here i would like to give a special thanks to Mengqing Zhan.Its you that make this happen! Thank you!

Ok,let’s just say good bye and make a piece of room in your heart,I will never move out:> I promise.



good luck