Now,sunus is in the plane,heading for Beijing.the capital of China.We’re just took off-,- i feel like great because it’s my first time to fly alone,i mean, without any friends or family members.


first of all,i arrived at the Guilin airport and  then got my boarding check it went smoothly. after that,i gave my dad a good bye and went to have security checked.During the check process,some funny moments came up.Firstly,When i went through that gate , the instrument began to alert with Beep—Beep— LOL!

Finally,It turned out to be my metallic buckle which led to all off this funny stuff. Besides,jdfjkadshfjkasdjgfsbafjIaslfjs.

In order to take a look at the sky,I found a seat right next to the windows.But it’s kinda boring if you stare at it for five or ten minutes.So i looked around,a mid-aged lady sits next to me,and a girl,my,as old as i am,sit in the same line with me.As far as i know,Both of us came from the same city and went to university.Most importantly,we will go to Tianjin-.-  It’s funny-,-

Ok,i am thinks some open line to catch up –,- LOLI

see you later:D

i wanna pee-pee~~



I JUST HAVE MEAT WITH Miss MengQing,Its great fun but ….

Detail comes later,just keep tuned:D