I Just Can't Lie-in Today,it's Kinda Weird.

Now,it’s about 11am,while sunus has already got up for almost one or two hours,that’s say,he didn’t lie in on the Saturday.Kinda strange for him,isn’t it?

  Maybe,the only reason for this can’t-lie-in case is the military training that request we to get up before 6am and get everything’s ready and then get everything’s done within next 20minutes.It sucks.So,A sleep lasts for 7 or 8 hours for me Was absolutely not enough Now it has just become a feast for me.And i have no idea whether it’s good or not.Just let it be,i guess.

hum,above this is my opener for this least blog.We can finally go right straight to the things i wanted share with your guys that’s about my whole new university life @ TJPU.

First of all,the military training has came to an end which means we’re officially being a university student.It’s cool,actually.As far as i can see,there’s tons of free time to do the things you like and new people to meet,no more high-school-style.For me,to program stuffs also pretty interesting,I mean i just do not reach that level to programming software now,but i will,i definitely will as long as i keep my energy up and desire to achieve this dream.

Then,My dormitory also good for me,expect some litter collision.fortunately it’s none of my business.so i just wait and see what’s going on out there.

Let’s talk about another stuffs happened around the campus which is i met two girls within a half month.It’s a big break-through for my sociability compare with the past.hum,both of them are as wonderful as i expected before i finally met them,except one of them is kinda smaller than i saw on her profile@web. The other one is pretty old for me and that what she thought before we met.She treat me sometime like she is my sister. i think i will prove the simply fact that’s SHE IS WRONG. Though she’s got a brother as old as my and just didn’t get through the Nation College Examination to TJPU. That’s really,really  good ,i mean, i have no any judgement on him,i just glad we didn’t become classmate:d or i will definitely be treated like her brother.

Okay,i will go out for lunch with a couple of guys come from my province ,peace!

STAY TUNED! Love you!