Now,right after the first class began i just feel this course isn’t for me at all. Besides i am here to write this just to give you my sincerity regret to you,the girl i hurt last night without being conscious of it, the girl i met on the airplane a month ago.Because i do value the friendships we’ve built and i do want it can goes on and on and on….  First of all,please allow me to say it again “i am sorry”. I have said it for thousands times before,but still. Hopefully it will work this time after the second when you read it over .

       I should NOT put any of my personal judgement on you when i didn’t fully think it over,especially to those messages that may hurt your feelings and its not a excuse to simply say i just didn’t realize what i typed may hurt feelings. I am deeply sorry about that.  Then,i am kind of glad that you were mad at me,maybe you also value this friendship,too. Even though it’s not as much as i do. But i still grateful for that,not only because you pointed my shortcomings out but also your can totally spilled your anger on me,which kind of showed that you’re not longer considering me as a passenger or flymate :D Nevertheless,i still feel sorry for you and i am begging you for your forgiveness that from the deepest part of your heart. Please give me a second chance and i will do anything i can possibly do to fix the mistake i have ever made.

      Least but not least,apart from my sincerity regret,do you remember to help me fetch my stuffs that almost arrive here.   uhh,two classes almost come to an end but i still wanna to post something off the topic but it’s sort of related to our friendship. When i asked you to give me your number,you just gave me your qq with a poor excuse by saying your phone’s charge was overdue while your qq stayed logged in.

      Now,I can finally get you number and i can have chances to dial it one day,may I? Okay , class is almost over but my regret always alive till you forgive me.


Yours sincerely.

written at 11:42am