lol,A Night Before the National Day.

Hi,there.Good to have you guys there,again.humm,we will have a 8days-off and It’s so great.I can’t wait to welcome the first drop of sunshine that coming through the windows!and tonight,i ate,i drunk,i played ,etc…

  Family always comes first,I would like to thanks my mom for the mom cakes and beefs jerky ,they are not only tasty but also filled with your infinite love and support. I know whatever i do for you was  just not enough, but i will try my best to do so.Then my dad also do his best to support me and i feel incredibly lucky to have both of you.The only thing i want to say is i am doing pretty great over here and i am kind of sure i will get my FIRST scholarship in the December.just keep on watching.and Happy mid-autumn festival. .And i also want to thanks my grandpa,the man who keep me company for more than 10years!I don’t know if you get used to the days without me,but i do know you always stand by me and i am the only one who know how much love you put on me . i will never forget that,either.My uncles and aunts you are just great also. In a word ,We ‘re always the most wonderful family i have ever seem.

  Then,Here comes the friends.Tonight Chatting with some very old and close friends also super cool,they like me as i do and our friendships never fade out.i guess that’s why they wanted to see me just after i leave them for less than a month.and what’s more? she will pick me up , enjoy yummy foods and hang out just because we’re friends .To be honest, i am super flattered.But looking back  the old times we spent together,everything happens make perfectly sense. It’s always a precious memory i will never forget,it means a lot to me.and i do cherish our friendship and i know you will,too.

  So, Depending on what happened i booked the room and i will come to you,No matter there is a storm , flood or tsunami even H1N1,i will be there. just wait and keep your phone on.

  To those friends who stay in Liuzhou ,even though we cannot meet each other immediately but i still booked a room for you,down to my heart. I miss you guys everyday and night , above all i am here to present my very best blessing to you.just accept and keep working hard ! i want to be with you,you know what i mean:D

in the end,i will post a joke for you about relationship:

quote from a chat log

sunus “i think i would better keep single ”

LS “i don’t think you can control yourself,especially when you littler brother just take over your consciousness”

sunus” you just kidding,aren’t you?  I didn’t plant the bomb at all,will CTs come to me?”

LS”But i think you will want pick them all…”

sunus”It’s a ECO round lol”

Finally,Rody showed up,”You two stupid idiots,shut the F**King up!”

rolf ^^

peace and good luck

never forget to stay tuned!

there’s more to come:D