The Upcoming to Be Live.

Right now,It’s six minutes to 10pm while sunus,laying in his bed,writing this blog for you.For me,it’s a bit earlier than i expected  because there’s no more things to do.I mean,the packing stuffs.I thought it would be a long way to go but when i put my actions into the packing progress,it’s just as simple as it could be.The id card,student card,wallet filled with money and bank card,the only thing left is my laptop,but i can leave it to the morning,are all got in their position that’s my bag.Besides i prepare some clothing ,that’s all i have done this night.Sounds long but it’s short and simple when you finished it.

some of you guys may know that i will head for Beijing and stay for a few days,yeah,that date is tomorrow! i am so excited about it. With this event was put into my schedule in several days ago,i feel time flies just as fast as plane,now upcoming event is officially going to be LIVE!

i don’t know what else should i blog,so that’s that.have a sweet dream and take off!

peace! and stay tuned.