Vacation’s Short,wait for Next one:D

Now,I can officially announce that i am DONE with this 10-days off . The vacation that’s filled with laughs , joy , eat , exhaustion , excitement and sadness.I’d like to thank everyone who made those days so wonderful. And above all,I thought,I may brought you all of those great things,too,expect the sadness one:D

Here,I’d like to share my happiness with you guys,especially those people that kept me company for many years.  

The vacation began with the Inter Extreme Master Chengdu kicking off.I could finally saw a counter-strike from start to closing ceremony.It never happen to me in my hometown because of my busy schedule or something that just bothered me from this,to kept me away from tournaments one after another.But,the sunus’s already out of town!So,he watch it in his place with a lots of snacks and drinks.It’s great to saw sk’s new line-up to be champion again.Those old school players such as walle,robban are still can do it.Depending on the fact that SK got their victory  after struggling for many months,I just think i also can do this,to make all of those big dreams come true.Who says a counter-striker player doesn’t have ambitions?

Then,three days passed away,I started to prepared for my visit to Beijing.Washing some clothes,and got everything’s ready.

Here come to the trip of Beijing,Thanks to wk who picked me up from Beijing station to the hotel.BTW,She’s got prank before she met me,lol. It’s a long and hard way to go,filled with sweat and lost.Though,The disaster was largely brought by Mr..sunus,the one extremely lack of a sense of direction. But still,sunus felt grateful for what you have done for me,without you i would definitely lost in Beijing as soon as i got off the train.Thank you,wk:D

Then,we meet Mrs..plane and her friends.Hanging out at streets,talking and laughing as usually.

The next day at Beijing was absolutely the most exhausted day i have ever had.Sleep at 2 or 3 am and got up before 5am.I just can’t believe i still can move and move fast.Then,wk called me wanted to cancel this event,watching the flag-rising ceremony.Allow me to add this ‘She is the only one that wanted me to do this’.So,I got up with tired and made my mind up to pay her back! To let her know how does it feel when one didn’t get a good sleep,and it proved me wrong.She just as energetic as she could be,maybe the Tian an men square just had her activated. But,anyways,It didn’t work me.To tell you guys a secret,she just could not make it before the flag rose up. lol,keep it under the table:D okay,back to what happened after the flag rose up,That day was the last day before all of the 花车 taken off.unlucky sunus,he’s quickly became a unprofessional photographer.”My mom was not as tough as you to deal with” i replied this for thousands time after she said how could you do this to me?! you are the worst photographer i have ever seen…….   But,still,i got to shoot  her with variety of poses all around the square.Can you do this? i can…. How energetic i was!

then,we’re headed for  798art district where considered as a paradise for artists.To mention that,during the time on the bus,she just fell asleep as usual while i had to stayed focus on what’s happening. Holyshit,How nice i am…lol.then,we got to the destination and started to enjoyed those paints and stuffs…btw,i bought some special gift you some of you,just keep waiting.Those who receive my gift are the people i like,and you guys mean a lot to me!In the end of the day,we went to have hot-pot,and back to hotel….. What happened that night,stays in where they are.Don’t ask,Don’t tell:D

There always has a lot to talk about before people getting apart,so i just watched them talk and have my drink.

Finally,I’m back to Tianjin.My life moves on….

That’s all,just stay tuned and have fun.

good luck & peace