Where Another Boring Day Begins

Another boring day begins,i rushed to classroom and found myself a seat in the corner.Trying and struggling to focus on the class,unfortunately i failed doing so which brought me another break right in the class.At 10am when my first class about to came to an end i was woken by hunger. So,i just waited hungrily. Finally,i got myself some foods and go on taking my next class,English which i thought it should be programming instead.Hence,i didn’t take the books and i have time to write those sort of of meaningless stuffs. It all started with the boring classes begin,now teacher is asking questions a so while i am writing this,i also have got to prepare for the answer.It super sucks,besides i sitting right next the guy i don’t like very much.Just think about how long we’ve met each other and i already began to resent you.How pathetic ! And i hope you just do not bother me now and forever !

Let’s put those stupid things behind our back and talk something interesting.  As you know,i am famous for leading a OTAKU life,no societies,no group and party. For that reason,the first impression i gave to those people around is a internet-addicted guy who is poor at everything with weak strength.Don’t even think about i got some good skills in sports. So,consequently i proved them wrong and show them what the next generation of otaku guy is by action,which surely surprise them a lot.The most brilliant guy should be a most laid-back one. Kind of unbelievable,right?

LOL.. Latest update: the last class about to begin and i just wait as i usual do.There’s on thing always on my mind,which is about my flymate.I will post another blog to write it out.