It’s Been Two Months…

It’s been two months since i first met you in the plane.Time flies,right? Everything happened between us is just like a flash,yesterday we’re close and today saw that you’re gone.As a matter of fact,i wanted to invited you to dinner tonight and i planed it before we lost in touch.Don’t ask why,i don’t know,maybe i just wanted to spill out those things since there’s no one else can chat with,not to mention the “LiuPu”.I don’t know what’s on you mind,but that thing is as simple as it’s.

Yesterday,we’ve got a great deal of topics to chat about,and i remember the last topic is about movie,and i did watch The graduate,so that i could talk it if i could meet you some day.Without you,my life wasn’t changed that much,i had to take good care of myself as usual and i started to buy fruits thanks to the illness.Sometimes,Thinking about whether you’re busy or something took over my head but finally i can get rid of them in two or three minutes.You’re a person of ambitions,you’ve got a clear goal and know where headed for.That’s great,otherwise how i was possible to want you to be my friends ? And i wanna be yours,too. That day is approaching,but you will definitely do excellent job and get in wherever you want.You can pull it off and you will.Here i just give you my best wishes.

Today,01,11,what a magical day!It’s not only the two-months-away from home memorial but also took my illness away and brought me a whole new start.But sadly,i had dinner with someone else from my dormitory instead you:< Anyway,Let it be,if fate wanna take you away from my life,then fine.Encountering in the plane wasn’t a coincidence whatsoever,so waiting for the turn between us.

You know what? yesterday i watched a movies and i saw a girl’s ways of looking at people and smile are just like you ,which fascinate me a lot,so i think about you again but without any further thoughts.Let’s take a look at those pictures:<lol,for further information,contact me.>


That’s one of the elements i felt that makes you distinguish,So that i can recognize you among the crowd by this very smile.So,keep smiling,for yourself.  

see you, and have a nice day!