All right here i am again,every single minutes of the English class is extremely as boring as hell. And thanks to that meaningless presentation i gotta to prepare ahead of time.You may ask questions like that”why the hell are you doing that,the sunus i knew never do those stuffs..”because i am like a kind of model here,and model should do things good” so,here comes my speech…      

My topic is several pieces of thoughts that occurred to me since i came here,please notice that what you are going to to hear are just thoughts,not advice.ok?

First,i realize that if someone just don’t have what it takes to do what he’s doing right now,then quit and never try it any longer.Because this word”try” refers to unsuccessful in dictionary.So,just go find anything else that fits you perfectly and devote yourself into it before you still can and still young. 

Second,A lot of disposable time out there that is needed to be managed properly instead of doing what you want or even worse,sleeping or simply having fun,so please stop doing those stupid things.Time’s tight and precious,we should cherish it.

Third,Out of stressful high school life just a sign of another whole new life that’s filled with more invisible pressure to come.All of us should be clearly aware of that before it’s too late.A fresh new start is university’s all about.Life’s short,go for it.

That all,thanks for listening.