Not Interesting Whatsoever!

In fact,i should have given this presentation without paper,which is strongly recommended by teacher.and i will explain why right after.
My topic is several pieces of thoughts that occurred to me since i came here,please notice that what you are going to to hear are just thoughts,not advice.ok?
The first one is,Being sick really sucks,especially when you’re alone.Take me as an example,I gotta go to the clinic to have injections for severval times and in case of any bad illness happen to me,i still had to got to hospital that is located in downtown,where has the facilities to give me a full-scan,and fortunately,it’s just normal diseases,But still,hurt me a lot!Besides,During those days i was sick,It had became extremely hard for me to take good care of myself.Eventually,everything is going toward the best and I can have class as usual.But you know what this disaster leave to me? Endless catching-up stuffs and Countless times that wasted with it,what is worse, I just watched it ,then let it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it except sleeping and taking medicine. So that’s why i am giving this presentation with a paper,i did not have to recite it,with the workload i have right now,which is already heavier than usual.So,do be carefully with your body that will keep you company for the lifetime.they are precious and priceless.
Sorry for the healthy part that’s too long to listen,i will make rest of them as short as possible.
Second one,i realized that if someone just don’t have what it takes to do what he’s doing right now,then quit and never try it any longer.Because this word”try” refers to unsuccessful in dictionary.That means,no matter how hard you try,you will never get there.So,just go find anything else that fits you perfectly and devote all of yourself into it before you still can and still young.
Third,A lot of disposable time out there that is needed to be managed properly instead of doing what you want at that moment or even worse,sleeping or simply having fun,so please stop doing those stupid things.Time’s tight and precious,we should cherish it.
Last but no least ,Out of stressful high school life just a sign of another whole new life that’s filled with more invisible pressure to come.All of us should be clearly aware of that before it’s too late.A fresh new start is university’s all about.Life’s short,go for it.
That all,thanks for listening.May you guys free from illness and sickness…