During the Class

It’s getting boring now,i kind of wonder why it seems like everyone in this room are really into the class while i just don’t know what to do and write this blog on my cellphone…In fact,i was planning to read a novel called ”crazy programmer’,but,now sitting right next to two girls who always giggle all the time since i asked is this seat available,i don’t wanna act as a bad guy or something like that so i keep my fingers moving which indicates i am doing something else other than reading meaningless online novels.By the way,The crazy programmer is really worth-reading and a must for me,i think. 

Since the class is absolutely  humdrum as usual though,posting something interesting would be good.Seemingly i didn’t remember anything fun or interesting except coding,which takes most of my time,even class.When it comes to class,i am just unfortunate or destined to be that.Skipping happens all the class but every time i do so,the god damn teachers take attendance.What the heck? Fine,i will figure out a way to getaway.Sigh.,

The class carries on,so does my writing process.Heading to Beijing tomorrow kind of exciting,particularly when thinking about the meat,all night movies on and some unpredictable stand-ups.You’d better cut that minds off your head!

And what’s more,it’s a bit of cold out there,i updated my QQ status as below”Show me your hands,I’ll warm it up”,There’s a certain name hidden in it…And it’s pretty catchy^ Hoping the one can at least say something to me,please. 

Suddenly,One more thing pop up on my schedule,that is,CET4 EXAM,which i thought it’s a piece of cake for me. But,no give no gain.At least i should do something to prepare it.And class finally came to an end.

That’s a a mess-four-paragraph blog,hope you enjoy it.