Mr..sunus in 2009

Alright,since the desk is shaking all the time which bothers me from sleeping,i decide to launch my last series blog of 2009 , also the first one of next coming year,2010.The title been made for one or two days or so.It is 2009,The good,the bad and the funny. And i will post several events with the order of good,bad,ugly.    

The Good,The bad and the funny:D

Round one:


i got in a university,even though it’s the one i longed for.But you know what? Only when i actually started off my college life can i truly realize it might makes no different to me if i got in a more renowned one or something like that.For me,Studying by myself is the most part of my life right now,For there’s not much left to learn in campus,for me. And i do proud of myself.and it’s the place where i can actually shine. I never feel the same way since elementary school,or junior school. So,it was absolutely a good one.  


i am immature in quite many aspects.I was conscious of that just one or two weeks ago,kind of late?Unum..For i have done or said something reckless.Let the details remain un-public. But i do did it wrong. 


wow,there’s a lot to laugh about.I’d present it in various ways. In round one,here’s some pictures:


Round two:


i saved,or renewed some friendships that i lost in 2008.Without those wonderful guys my life would get tough,lonely,humdrum,helpless.

Life’s wonderful with you in this world.And now i wish all of you guys best of luck and having fun everyday!Last but not least,get healthier as hell :D


stay tuned! and i gonna get drunk!

Bad:i am still thinner than average.No matter how hard i tried to eat , feast was the only thing left.Which means i just could gain weight DAMN IT!

Funny:Otaku..Obviously it’s a Japanese term,but in some certain circumstances it can be very funny.There’s one i got as below: A:i couldn’t go to her speech,because i am kinda OTAKU. B:oh…I see. O ta ku( the same pronunciation as Chinese,means oh,she/he cries.. )….So brilliant,isn’t it?



Away from home indeed has some benefits.Such as lead a life on my own way,i purchase stuffs for myself,skip WISELY ,and have soup….From all of those you can find that,i am not the same guy since i touchdown in Beijing.Not to mention i can buy medicine for myself which has never ever happened to me.Quite incredible,even i gotta say so.But still,all man needs a family to complete himself,to take considerable care of it

Bad:STAY TUNED!skipping happens in campus all the time.Some got caught,some got away.Unfortunately,i got caught for several times.Especially there’s a time,once i just skipped,less than 5minutes,the teacher began taking attendance.What the F?

Final round:

Its 31st,Dec,the last day of 2009.Also means this so called 2009 summary will come to an all in all,There was not so many bad things happened to me,which i thought it was.

On the other hand,so many great guys keep me company and it does feel good! In fact,i could easily call up various funny,good thing any second while i am writing it.I don’t even know which to post at all so,last thing i would like to post is something about programming progresses i have made.I coded a little,tiny stuff that can convert from day to date,or date to day.E.g..The 85th days of 2010 is Fri,26th,March.

And i coded a HOME-MADE series string functions.I am kinda proud of it.Besides,using Reverse Polish Notation to make a lousy calculator also included.

I am still working on qsort,known as quick-sort.This project lasts for about 20hours or so and last night i started it over.In order to make lite,and efficient….. All right,since there’s so many left in 2009 but i can’t post. It’s time to say happy new year,best luck and wish you guys succeed in whatever you do.

To my greatest mom,dad,grandpa and family,i am always thinking of you .The unconditional love you put on me i would never forget,i can never completely pay it back.But one thing is certain,i will try and let you see what this man is capable of!

Happy New year! BOOM ! BOOM BOOM!