The First One of 2010

Once upon a time I assumed that the first blog should be positive,funny or encouraging or something that’s filled with “keep on fighting”….But this,right in the 2010’s first blog of Mr.sunus,He wants to spill it out! 

The courses picking system is fabulous,so i picked NONE

As you may know this semester will come to an end shortly,along with beginning of the first courses picking that we have to deal with since i stepped into this campus.Realizing that the courses picking system is such a abso-fucking-lutely fabulous bullshit,i decided to write something. First of all,i came here for many reasons.But i am definitely sure of that none of any purpose is to earn CREDITS ! It’s the key point of this blog , if you disagree with me, you are free to leave.

Now,i can briefly introduce the so called courses picking system to you.The schedule is almost filled with physics,and ridiculous Japanese which were forced to pick.And What’s more?In the name of picking any courses flexibly and variously,they(school) provide us with a great deal of courses to select.But the truth is there is only a few course you can actually pick without bringing in any collisions.Because the schedule is almost full.In short,if you want to pick one or two courses,the schedule will be totally overloaded.So,the decision,picking no course,is easily to make. Because i do not want to be another college guy who is idle all the day,then showing up in a classroom just for some pity credits.

I’ve got my own business to do,i have my own big-plan to achieve.and most importantly,i believe in myself that i will ultimately get there,with or without the help of school.The future will not be planned but coded by my own fingers,brain,determination,and enthusiasm. So once again,Given the reasons as above,i picked none. Also,as noticing some people who hold different opinion on this courses picking thing,i just wanted to laugh.LOL! They rushed into the courses picking server,it just seems like “dead or pick”. I just wonder how could they got so many times to attend so many class while they acquire nothing but craps form their major,Oh i forget,they got credits as well.On the one side they want to be somebody,on the another side they just chose to learn how to become a crap.sigh….

So,recently,one of the most catching phrase is “what do you pick?” OMFG