That’s It,what’s the Point if I Am Just Doing It for Nothing ?

hum,yeah,The first semester  is going to be over , and yeah , just like i said right after the Nation College Entrance Exams , “Life goes on , yeah , it does! ”

Back to last night,i lost sleep due to a problem i always think about recently “What’s all about going to a university ? Considering the fact that  my parents provide me with finance supplement and any other stuffs for ages.I still can’t take it for grant. ” i can’t do that ! “

So , last night , or last week , more specifically i feel like i like a idle people or something that i always despise . Because the least thing i like to do forced me to get into it all the week and i can’t even get rid of it.Why? It’s like a measure or aspect to evaluate whether i was doing good during the semester or not for them .  I got absolutely strongest feeling that i did this for none other then THEM. Who the heck are they ? I am not sure if it’s my mom,grandpa or someone else but it’s definitely neither Me nor my dad. However,I am the one who’s in university and also the one that makes the call to choice what kind of man i want to be, to decide what should i learn and what i don’t need to do at all . Now that , I have the answers to that , i don’t have to hide . I am well clear of what i am doing and i think i am doing just fine , given the fact that some tiny achievements i had made. It also reminds me that i can be MORE , i am far more capable than people’s thought , even though i don’t really know what kind of people i am in people’s eye. 

Let it be clear , i do what i want and it’s totally free from the others’ concern from now on.It could be hard but i will fight for it.

In the end,Who the hell needs to learn physics , Japanese , and any other fucking stupid course while he’s put himself all into the field that he’s longing for ages ?

I am glad I’ve found my field, Programming in C of course !