Updates Live Long :D

as long as i am in school,i will never be worried about my blog do not get enough updates since the English classes as boring as it should be. therefore,once again i start to post this blog with my NEW device,that is,Nokia N900 with maemo 5 operation system.please give the warmest welcome to this little but high-intelligence buddy.Now i can be far more efficient with the typing than before.

i should NOT have been here ! but at the last minute when the decision was about to made , i chickened out. so the flight was booked and i am here for another new semester.anyway,i got a kind of relief and it comes from my family , how strange it’s !
with many goals and plans , i keep on compromising with my own career and school stuffs. but , yeah i do not give a damn shit about the later and it’s just like a fat,ugly,old woman for me.

Mr.sunus moves on with both feet and eventually he will get there,get the hottest,sweet,considerate and thoughtful gal on the planet.

It starts with the binary search tree ^^