this time was kind of usual , for i got to the classroom before the class begins. 0h no, Now the class began. several seconds ago, the fat,short teacher just hung out on the web to show he’s using wiki via the whole English pages. Is this wroth showing off? I can even get the latest playboy magazine..and Stanford university’s whole computer sciences classes.

yeah,a another week almost go away and i did acquire something new,that is,some data structs like RING,link list,double link list as well. besides,Gaining a deep understanding to the stack and heap that is tightly related to the recursion that’s huge and once you understand all of these,you can easily solve the Hanoi tower,and save the world:D but still,i still have a lot of work to do,so i left this here,to motivate me : keep strong till you get there , AND become stronger after you get there. FYI : this comes form a terrorist , funny though?
maybe,teacher ‘s about to get me answer a question, : umh.. i don’t really got a superstar in sports field,because i do not really care sport scene except table tennis,but as far as i know,table tennis is just belongs to those players who practice most,who scarifies most.so i really don’t see any superstar out there..ok that’s over.Teacher just moved on and i didn’t get a chance to answer it.

Yesterday , finally i get back (i think) a friend that i always wanted.I mean,as a cherish friend of mine , so please don’t get me wrong this time after reading those sweet words:D
then,we got to chat about the study,future,and something i think she may want do try, THE UI stuffs,lucky i know something about it ,therefore i offered some constructive suggestions (i think as well).It makes me feel great to help people,especially when the one that i cherish.
the first half is finalized.i would like to get my head up instead of fixing on the mobile device.
looking around,nothing special nothing attract me except a little gal,but,yeah i have seen plenty of them, so that’s it.