I usually do not feeling once i got interrupt by noise or something like that during the sleep. That really sucks and therefore i don’t talk to them for two or three hours ! This time , There’s not any communications as usual , but i am kind of happy for some certain reasons.
First of all , i finalized the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm as well as the failure function within it and i do feel happy about it. and i also felt that the KMP was a sign or hint for me , like quicksort or Hanoi or anything else that’s just AMAZING and EFFICIENT stuffs to tell me “hey dude ! since you have already got me , why don’t you go father to find more , to acquire more ?” yep, that’s what i do . and the more i explore , the more i need to know… but still , In the chasing of something you love , you gotta get well prepared of that.
OK,let’s move on. i always consider myself as a luck one.just like i finalized the kmp , i got at least two rewards . and yeah, both of them are wonderful and i just post it in time sequence.

The first one is i got a message that asked me whether i had dinner or not and at the beginning i don’t really notice that. but after two or three minutes , i figured , even a rock might also realized that she’s asking me out ! and soon as we met , i also realized that she might want to something outside the school , so alright then we got to a Korean barbecue . food’s great and i admit that i have not taste it yet. so , it’s great but it didn’t fill me up ? :D
during the dinner , we talked over a couple of topics including school life , movies , plans for the future , human natures ( kind of weird , but i still think i am the good one ) and so on. so , it has been great fun when having dinner with she. and when nothing’s left on the table that’s still available to eat,we checked out and headed back to campus.

Good things never came alone . when i got back to my dormitory i started to browsing people’s IM status,due to i just finished the kmp , and i found a target who is suffering from the ice cream that caused her feel , remember it seems like we didn’t talk much except some smile face since she decided not to visit me due to the AIESEC team discipline or something i don’t know. so , i sent “what’s wrong with you and are you feeling super hot so that you must get some ice cream during the cold season.?” so it turned out to be a good starter , and conversation began, later on i showed off a little bit that i got a girl with me to dinner and how yummy the food was. all of a sudden , I got a message “i am going to sneak out to meet you !” then , i don’t get the time to think of what just happened , not to mention how to respond it properly. because another message came instantly “i got a C problem” blah blah blah… or,maybe i should have reply something like alright then . or you’re very welcome! :D

the class goes on and my phone is dying. so i just make it last as long as it can.

Turning to twenty means a lot of to me . there’s something big coming down in the near future that is the first important decision that i have ever made for my own path. Now i just need to prove that’s the right thing to do !