Here Comes the Rain Again

Hi there, it has been a while since last time I wrote blog directly on my laptop . Now i am not taking any of classes , of course its about one o’clock in the midnight ! But what i want to emphasize is that THIS blog means something to me, something that i have thought it over and over . So, i just spill it out with the rain falling down to the ground.

I always consider myself as one of the most OUTSTANDING guy in the campus who cherishes his time to do things that he like and matters to him. Of course that thing is always be the Programming,codes and datas for me. and i did do as i described above. But now,or more specifically , recently i spent so so so much time with girls and having fun. I don’t like the way i spent my time , because i didn’t come here to dating or hanging out with girls after all. I mean, i don’t blame any of the girls that i have met or played with. In fact , you guys are just wonderful,gorgeous and cute. Moreover some of you did attract me very much so that i just simply could not stop thinking of you for several days till i realized  you’re just a passerby in my life, or maybe not,who knows :D

Now , the rain just stopped but my fingers keep on typing :D

Despite the fact that lately i was with girls quite often , i still DO NOT think it do much harm to me . Because of that sort of shy , tacitly kid has gone,even though i don’t how far it’s , but still it’s good. Especially when i witnessed the whole progress of one of my friend’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend came to an end in such a few days, I finally realized how important it’s to know how to deal with girls,how to talk to them and so many how-to-do stuffs. I just did a better job than that tragedy roommate,So please don’t feel me like a date artist or some kind of expert or something. lol.Therefore,I just want to thank those girls i met early years,even though none of you is my girlfriend but it really really doesn’t matter at all ! i really really mean it .Your companionships are one of the most beautiful,valuable things i have ever got.  As a consequence, i bet my future girlfriend will thank you guys too,for you turn me into a nice,sweet,humors,thoughtful,considerate boyfriend,while is definitely more than qualified. (and so many adj(s) will be added long as i saw them)

It’s time to focus on what its most important to me,like i said,coding,programming and datas. That’s why i wrote this blog in such a late night, There’s something i want to be memorized while something i just want to get rid of. From now on,I will manage my times wisely and perfectly.First of all, Huffman Codes is about to come to an end.And the graph is a whole new chapter that’s to be taken care of.So, Since i have gone that far,why don’t i just go father ?

alright,it’s about two 2am but i think it’s worth posting a blog like this.Oh i almost forget there’s a English test tomorrow,but what the hell. I already proved myself is the BEST student in the class by the cet-4 test. i just do not have to do that thing again and again.



good night and have a nice day :D