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hey hi,it’s been a while after the last post,i think i am doing all right those days , even though the progress was not as significant as i excepted. the more i learn , the more i need to learn .this is the most impressive thought i have ever got,but its ok to keep on going and fight for my future.My goals are remain the same , no matter how hard the code is, one day, i will eventually write my own software.
actually,i am on my way to Nanning right now,to meet a long-gone friends,that dude was my best friend in elementary school , we also played video games on weekends that was the purest joy at that time and i will never forget.i hope,we can be as close as the old days,like my other friends do.
here is another case , which ultimately leads to the trip to Nanning, i am going to meet a girl , a girl that sunus wants her to be smart,cute,and beautiful . sunus is always be the guy who can make girls feel happy with him. hopefully this nothing goes wrong.
we’ll have dinner,a new 3D thrilling movie as simple as that -.-Do not get me wrong.
cant wait to meet you guys and have a nice day.i am almost there!
Nov 17,2010



my friend is living a pretty good life in Nanning,got a girlfriend and rent a apartment.kinda good:D

and my new friend,she is ,uh, sort of different from other my female friends,but she is also pretty good,too.