Hum... Hope You Will See This After I Send U the address:D


Once again, no long time no update.

but this time is special , because i just send this blog’s address to a girl, a girl that i have crush on from 9.2010 to now. :D

ok, let’s get started!

first of all, it’s 4,may 2011 now. it’s been a while and i think now i feel kinda ready to embrace the new opportunities and challenges . hopefully u can see me in Shanghai in next few days.Wish me luck!

I think i really did work hard in the past few week , i wrote a c library with some common data structure and algorithms and it can handle all data types.

and i make a little ‘peer to peer’_chat tool named “talk2gals” , but now it can ONLY running on linux/unix Operating System now , because some portable issues. but it’s not that hard to make it run on windows as long as i find the girl who’s willing to use it to chat with me:D

I read so many books recently , i found them benefit me a lot ,i never felt i like reading book like this time before or let’s just say before i get in university.i can freely read the book i like for my own good rather that for those suck exams.

i just found my english-writing skill is kinda decaying.

so i just put a SONG that i really really love to listing those days :

Play on , Sung by Carrie UnderWood from her album Play On.

[00:36.04]Where you’re gonna reach when the goal gets higher

[00:38.53]How you’re gonna make it through

[00:40.39]When you think you lost your chance


[00:43.00]Play on when you’re losing the game

[00:48.08]Play on ‘cause you’re gonna make mistakes

[00:53.56]It’s always worth the sacrifice

[00:56.79]Even when you think you’re wrong

[01:03.70]So play on…

here is a link for this GREAT HIT :

ok,i hope u enjoy it and see you next time!my friends.