Anyone Wanna Say “welcome Back” to Me, Say It Now!

I came up with this title a few days ago, that’s when I decided to write this post, to summary those extraordinary days.

Finally ! I get back to this damn school, continue my education , as I promised to my family.

It has been a long and tough journey , I’d been lonely , helpless , hesitating and sometimes lost.but now,I am still here and ready to fly there , then keep on fighting.

I don’t know if I did what I thought a year ago or I got what I thought I want a year ago, anyway it’s a tough year and I made it through. I did GAIN my skill a lot, including polo

I TRY to grab some opportunities , but when I mean I TRY, I think u may know what it ended. so, I get back in the game with nothing and a extra year, not good but wtf, I don’t give it a shit as always.

Meego , Youdao and Tencent I think you just made a BIG MISTAKES! anyway, I still like Meego!

Wired me! I suddenly feel like I have nothing to write about , except to give some really really BIG thanks to those wonderful people that keep me company through those days , you guys really really just wonderful and I can not thank you enough! I really enjoyed the times when we hung out together and I will NEVER forget you.

One more thing, just some days before I get back to Tianjin, I came up a VERY VERY COOOOL idea . I made it come into real codes and it just about to get started ! if you are a member and wanna try something cool stuff, u can ask me to try this cool stuff before anyone else does. It’s a python program and now need someone to make it into a beautiful HTML page.

This is my first time I feel that I can really do something that is cool and people may like it.

Last, after this long journey, I think I really really need some girlfriend , so watch out ,girls ! I will soon post another blog about “What kind of girl that I will ask her out on a date”.

So, thanks for reading!