What Kind of Girl That I Will Ask Out on a Date

A little tip:

If you are a guy , or you are NOT into me at all, you can just ignore this blog.

yeah, i figure i have to finished this post before i get going..

i said “i must get a serious girlfriends this semester!” some time ago to a friend , and i have some requirements for this very special girl.

First of all:

you MUST be gook-looking, i mean you can be cute, be beautiful,be attractive or sexy . that’s all right . if i ask you out  to a movie or dinner, that means I think she is GOOD-LOOKING to ME!

then, here comes the second stage, i want you to have some of these qualities list below :

(these are the ones that really matter to me, more important than your appearance)

0: don’t be evil.

1: thoughtful and considerate to others

2: have ability to think independently, have your own opinions

3: have good sense of humor

4: at least have basic computer skill, if you are a coder, programmer-to-be or computer science relevant major , that’s just great . if you like      writing programs/codes , or research in ALGORITHM, that’s just AWESOME!!!!!(i really mean it, that’s what a girl that i longing for days looks like) and i won’t repair your computer/phones for more than 3 TIMES!

5: love movies or American TV shows like:

[24, The big bang theory,  How i met your mother, Leverage,  It crowds,  Spartacus, Gossip girl and PORNS:D:D!!]

then we may have more topic to chat about.

6: knowing stuffs, like how two people to maintain their relationship, what can do and what can NOT do, that’s important especially when we

decided to start a relationship.

7: respect people’s privacy, that mean i will NEVER give out my IM account, Email account, Social Networks account, etc. and i won’t ask you

for these infos, neither.

8: if you are a Hardcore Counter-Strike player , polo beginner or a programmer/coder , that will SIGNIFICANTLY  increase my impression of you.

9:at lease understand what i wrote above , with or without the help of any kinds of TRANSLATOR. i know there’s a lot a grammar mistake inside this blog,  if you can point it out, i appreciate it

Lastly, please do keep this in mind:

if i ask you out to a movie or dinner for the FIRST time, it just , just means i think you are good-looking to me, nothing less, nothing more.It takes days to build up a serious relationship.

thanks  for reading this long piece-of-crap-blog-if-you-are-not-into-me lol

have a good day! sweetie!