First Blog After I Back to Tjpu.

hey hi, long time no see again it’s been busy months after I got here. I got here early but still got soooo much crap paper work to do.when I got all of those stuffs done. I suddenly felt like , oh god. why are you get back to this crap-land and why the hell did you gain after those days?

when those feeling gone, I just got some ideas to keep working on my APP,aka ‘DBCI’. so the DBCI and polo fulfilled my days a lot. now the ‘DBCI’ , I think it’s kinda like my FIRST MAJOR PROJECT , the one that I think people will actually like, feel it interesting and use it sometime for a while. as I wrote in my resume, I want to writing something that people like, I didn’t realize that day just CAME, now I just need a partner to do some UI stuff and promote it a little bit. I think it could be huge!

besides ‘DBCI’, I met some interesting girls that I can hang out with,that’s is just GREAT. for a guy like me don’t usually go to class , don’t usually talk to girls that not familiar with before, is hard to find girls like I have right now to hang out with. I am not saying I am not interesting or funny or attractive. I just do know where my ‘in’ is.

and I really really want say thank to my best brothers in tjpu, I am so so honored to know you two, I will never forget your help when I got here alone!

I think that’s all ! this place sucks.but I still need to find a way out, to somewhere that I truly belonged to. peace, hope my ‘DBCI’ will grow up soon and have a nice day!

and i just had a really nice day with you.