Untitled, Just Writing What I Feel Like to Write

um… kind of feel down today and i just don’t know why.

lol this semester is about to finish, and i don’t know if i meet my goal that i had for this semester. no ! i know i am far away meet my goal this semester, i kind of feel frustrated about myself. didn’t do i write any popular stuffs , btw i mean the ‘DBCI’ here, even thought there’s a few people who like it and found it interesting ,  anyway, i will NOT give up on my first project before i know how far / bigger it will get.  i decided to REFINE during my vacation.

i came up with a great idea several days ago, and i found my partner. so we decide to lunch this project right after we finished our exams. hopefully, my second project will do better. and i think, at least i wanna that stuff, and there is a lot of people out there who can not write codes, will need that too.

i had been put my most attentions on programming and internship lately, besides those stuff i really really had a very great time with a new girl i met here,  and she is the most AWESOME 18-year-old girl i know, even thought she doesn’t like to go to cinema or play billiards. i don’t know weather i will find someone else to hang out with when i just wanna see a movie or something when i have chance. i really really don’t know that either.  oh, by the way, she is gonna learn some C skills to take a exam,  i think i somehow ‘encourage’  her a little bit to do so.  anyway, hope she will find something interesting / beautiful in C , during the learning process.

i talked a lot with my friends lately,  i found that the older i get, the more i needs them and i feel very lucky to have them around, especially right now when i feel down, my best friend , still out there chatting with me, while i am writing this post.

i think i am kinda weird guy, i somehow will think a lot about the girl i hang out with recently, but when we lost touch one day and several days goes by. i might just forget about her and start to looking for new one.

i just don’t know what i am looking for. Or i just afraid to deal with the fact that i found what i am looking for,BUT i just don’t know if i deserve this ? i don’t know..

i wrote so many ‘i don’t know’ in this post, i don’t know why…

so, good luck and happy x-mas and new year, it’s coming soon!