2011, 2012; Part 1/2

hi there, happy new year!

I just got back to my dorm several hours ago , from downtown tianjin. I was with three of my best friends celebrating the upcoming new year, 2012, and we were having great fun through the last moment of 2011

to the very first cup of beer of 2011. cheers!

so, I decided to post something to end this year and open up the new year. the title, which I think is brilliant, If you know some c programming language or something called ‘comma expression’, I think you will feel the same way

so, here we go.

2011, kinda a tough year for me, even though I wrote/drawn ‘hold on’ and ‘turn on’ on my 2011 edition of QQ icon. but still. not because I made one of the biggest decision of my life on my own, but I have to deal with my problems on my own. I have to learn by myself, I have cheer me up if I was feel upset. I have to learn to earn the every opportunity out there and finally grab some of them. sometimes I failed,

I told no one, then just keep on reading and learning, coding. anyway, I learn a lot from 2011 knowledge-wise and horizon-wise.

the later part of 2011, I don’t think much of it. I got back to tjpu, finish my education and keep on learning. my first project ended failure, but, there’s still some people love it and feel interesting, so, not a totally failure for me. maybe, I will re-open this project someday when time’s right. my second project is under coding now, I still have faith in that, because people need a stuff like that, to keep track of there favorite shows.

the good part of my returning are:


I still have those two best buddies out there waiting for me and help me a lot, I even doubt that I will , some day, do the same things to the others. so, I am really really feel thankful for having you two, hoping we

will get really drunk one day, that the way of us to celebrating out brother-ship.


that awesome girl, again. I am just feel nothing but lucky to know her and we’re still in a very very good friendship , or it’s not just friendship, I don’t know. the point is, throughout those about three months, she’s just getting better and better. just totally a new person for me, compare to the first day I met her. but still, I am not that BAD, am I ?

I know I am a good guy, I am funny, and I can make a girl laugh a lot while we’re hanging out, and …….

I am ambitious and I have very clear goal about myself deep down in my heart, but I never talked much about it with friends. so, it’s not a surprise if a girl likes me, I know that too.

but, she is just awesome , I can not think about another word to describe her……


I know two geek-guy through a friend’s introduction, it’s kinda a luck , I guess. they help me a lot in exams and finally, I have someone to talk about technic stuffs in school. they just let me know, even if we’re in a crap university, there are still a few people who love what their do and will to put there times and energy into it. so, I am not alone. hope we can cooperate in the future. that’s the guy I can look for if I am ready to do something serious, and it’s the best time to find your future partner in the college. I think.

Sum up:

I met three new friends this year and I love them very much

even thought I failed to get the this year’s internship, which I was longing for a very long time, but just look at the bright side, I got more time to learn thing, to make new friends if I had to, so, just be patient. I think when the opportunity comes again, I am having a really good shot of grab it.

2011 , 2011 ; part 1/2 end.

To be continue.