2011, 2012; Part 2/2

humm, first of all, happy Spring Festival to all of you guys! Since i posted Part 1/2 of 2011, 2012 some days ago and this thing kept on going on my mind: i still didn’t finished the second part of that post, so, i will do it now.:) i got really really drunk yesterday, wasn’t i? but anyway, i am very very sober now, so i know now i am using the right words. In 2012, i have so many goals to accomplish, i don’t know if relationship is among them.even if it’s, i will eventually put it in the last of that list. i suddenly found out there are so many things i don’t know….. so, gotta hurry up. and i really really don’t know what to write right now, because the whole point of writing this one is, this is the second and last part of 2011, 2012 post.and i gotta finished this because the Spring Festival so that i can embrace the future upon me:< good night and have fun! love u all!! let’s rock 2012!!