I'd Rather Take 951 Than 871.

hi, i’ve got a busy week, and i still got a lot of codes to write and i am happy that i still got something to do. the project tmenny is about to launch and my resume-generator is almost finished. in the very beginning, i was about to write it in ruby,which i just learned those days. but quickly i found out i might do this in the language i love most, that is, C. so,i wrote so much more lines of codes than ruby/python but i love the way C codes works. simple, clear and fast. and i can figure out almost what is going on under the every line of codes.that is just feels good!

humm, i really miss the days when we ACTUALLY hang out together last semester. sometime i don’t feel the same way as we’re in school while i teach you some programming stuffs or just walk with you,strange. even though i met someone new and we had great time, still i would rather going out taking 951 with you.

SK failed again and some of my really good friends are going to leave this school, including the one i just met, which is pretty sad for my to accept.

i am not quite quitting counter-strike yet, as we haven’t been ‘actually’ ‘hang out’ lately, it’s fun playing counter-strike on lan. but if i got chance hanging out with you, i will definitely pick you for sure. it’s just 10 times fun than just playing game with nine guys :<

hoping i can getting in 951 soon. good night, gotta code tomorrow.