humm, i feel like i am not young anymore. but, i am still doing those ‘young people’ stuffs that i really really feel some kinda ashamed of. so, it’s time to grow up. in fact, i know i am growing up with time goes by. in this very moment, right before i turn to 0x16, i would like to post something, something that i wanted to say several days ago. first of all, i am so grateful for my family for they gave me a very very nice childhood. even though sometimes i felt it just not enough, but deep down in my heart, i knew they did what they could and i will always grateful for what they’ve gave to me. i just love to have them around me! second, i’d like to thank all of my friends, for the time we spent together, for the happiness and sadness we shared. i’m really really proud of having you guys. I will do everything i can to make you feel the same way as i do, that is, i am hoping one day, you will feel proud of having me as your friend. one last thing, i also want to end this with something suddenly came up of my head several days ago,  to my family,  friends and the ones i love:

i am trying hard to to a guy that deserves you.

because you are just so AMAZING.

hope i will not let you guys down before i turn to 0x17.

good night:)

END OF 0x15.