it had been a while since i turned 0x16. and the last week was just AMAZING for me, and i don’t even believe everything went so smooth(or i think?) and finally, wow!

first of all, it all started with a mail, then i got the second mail, third…. i was kinda had doubt in myself in the first place. but now. i do know that i am useful and people want me to work with them.

so, i went to Beijing on Friday, took some interviews and it all went smooth. so i got several options . now i am weighting all the pros and cons. some of the options do not interests me as the others. but anyway, this time i have to made up my mind on my own and whatever it ends, i won’t regret about it.

Now, i was about to get the intern . Making money by doing things i’ve been loving for so long. It’s time to figure out what i need to do with that girl¬† i always talked about, we haven’t been talk since like a months ago. i Did made a promise to myself, don’t contact her till i get the intern, i thought it might be kinda long, but somehow, i just kinda luck. so i put this second import thing of this semester on the table. hoping she still likes me:) because i will tell her how i felt about her and what i want from her.¬† i don’t know how this ends, but i am kinda looking forward to that moment. even if i got the bad answer, at least i will try. i have the courage to speak it out, loudly:)

good night, wish u have the good luck as i did in last three days.