So Far So Good:)

Hi, It’s been a while since the last post, isn’t it ? so many things going on those days, I got dumped , yeah, I got dumped by a very amazing and awesome girl that I’ve always talked about.

and some of my friends I played a lot counter-striker with are graduated from university, so no more counter-strike for a while.(OH REALL? I don’t know:D)

they are a bunch of nice guys and brothers to me and I am looking forward to play with them again!

it’s sad, but life moves on, as it always does.

and I came to Beijing on July 1st, (WOW! FINALLY!) I can feel that there is a very exciting , interesting and wonderful journey just right there waiting for me to explore, to experience. and I am ready to embrace all of those wonderful things! such as new opportunities, new apartments and new roommates:) i think some of them is kinda interesting, i am looking forward to meet them:)

let’s talk about what I did recently, finally, I choose the best offer I can get and starting to write some serious codes :) it’s fun and it just really surprise me a lot!

I kind of thoughts that I am kinda good at what I do, that’s coding, but when I FINALLY got here and starting working, I just found out there’s so many people are just really really good at it, too. most of them are older than me, but they just know so so so many skills than I do, I don’t know what I will become a year or two year later, hoping I can be much better than they’re now, lol !

the environment of my workspace is very nice, I am very very satisfied can my very first intern job can be like this. I can get a very nice sleep, and get up anytime I want, then head off to my office. because there’s no such rule that requires you have to be the office before a specific time, this is what I really love about this company! the food here is ok, but I can deal with that. by the way, the front-desk girl is kinda cute and I ACCIDENTALLY  pissed her off several times LOL!, even thought I just got here some day ago, sorry about that:(, but I really really didn’t do those things on purpose, I just don’t know much about the rules..

so, right now I just need to work hard and prove my worth and make more friends and pay some EXTRA attention to the relationships that may just come in, who knows LOL!

anyhow, I still think of you a lot, and I saw a girl like you a lot right in the subway, even thought I knew that girl isn’t you for sure, but my heart just beat faster at that moment. i now can move on with my life, hope u can do the same:)

see you!