New Chapter Gose Go :)

yeah, after about two months of intern-ship in Beijing, i get back to my sweet home for a couple of days.stay with my family and friends. it’s  really really happy time spent with them, and my sisters they are doing really really good so i am proud of them :) ps, i bought my mom a new SAMSUNG GALAXY smart phone using my first salary, it did feels great!

and my friends, yeah, i really really want them to  change their names, but i didn’t get the perfect girl i want , didn’t bring her to my city then let my friends see how awesome and amazing she is, and how lucky i am if i had a girlfriend like she:) anyway, i still like her a lot even thought i am trying really really hard to meet some new girls and hangout with them, do things we did when we first met, but, they are, they are just NOTHING ON U. and i know now, i can not forget you for sure:( i keep the movie tickets we saw together,  the birthday gifts i wished i could give you by my side,which i know you will like it, but, you never know what that is:( and i also want to finish those drinks on the street, it’s like one or two more cups, and we can get some free drinks. sorry, i can not remember the exact numbers.

i don’t even know whether you will read this far or not, i don’t even know whether you will ever come to this blog or not. but if you do, even if i don’t know whether you had been there for a while or not, it’s okay.  if i were you, i saw this blog and i know much this guy likes you. i will be crying:) kidding

and my intern-ship goes very smoothly, the company is growing and i am doing kinda good job there. so not much to talk about.

anyway, new chapter of my life goes on, and you are the only missing part of my new chapter.! hoping you can be in it, some day, maybe, perhaps :)