I Am Feeling Great!

hi, i am back to write some post again:)

it’s the 3rd or 4th blog since a started this kinda life at Beijing, and it’s just, humm, let’s say it’s very special times i had. i had some troubles in school, which i really don’t give it a shit about, and besides, my intern-ship is quite smoothy, or at least i think it that way. our product is about to release at the part that i covered, it looks good to me, even thought that part wasn’t as mush attractive as kernel and filesystem to me, which i am about to get really deep into those stuffs, but anyway, it’s gonna end. and i now can really put myself into the field that i love best.

i made some really great friends here, a very lovely girl live across my room, and she can cook for me sometimes, even thought it’s not that yummy:( and , oh, she’s a nice and beautiful girl, but, i know we will never hit it off, so, just keep that way and it’s good. at least i have a good roommate & friends:)

and i also made friends with the guys in our development team, they are really really nice to me, even thought some of them are elder than me, but, yeah, them approved/acknowledge my skills and will let me to help them to solve some problems they had. which i feel kinda proud of myself. good job out there, sunus!

and we hang out a lot, drinking and play polos. it’s just a lot of fun with them and i think we’ll become brothers one day;)

and the final, big news, i might get a chance to meet the girl of my dream, again, after she dump me months ago. who knows :(

wish me luck !

bye and wish u a happy mid-autunm festival!