You Made the CRAPLAND a Better Place

Hi, I just got back from Tianjin and had some great meat with my friends from my dev team. I’d been in school like in five days or so, it’s strange I didn’t call it crapland :( and here is why I don’t call it crapland: First of all, finally, after about half years long waiting, I got a chance to meet Vivian again, yeah, because I really can not come up with any new words to describe her, but, I am lucky enough to see her again. so  thrilled I got the last night before  head off, I just could not sleep and get up very early then just begin to run, Ok, that’s a little fake:( I didn’t run. Then, the funny thing is when I just get out of my apartment, I got a feeling like, someone’s  Dear PERIOD is about to come, and It turned out I was right, The one, the girl I’ve been miss for so long, got her PERIOD to visit, just one or more hours  ahead of me to see her. so, I wait one more extra day to spend with my friends. that’s the my 1st day in Tianjin.(Saturday).

Sunday, it’s absolutely the highlight of this short visit. When I just woke up, seeing my phone got a new  text, somehow I just feel, (AGAIN, how amazing is that?!) it’s none other than the girl I dream about, finally, gave me a chance to meet her again, just like the old days. Then I had the best three hours of this visit.she showed me some of her designs, even though I am not a fashion guy at all:) but I can tell, she love her works, just like I love my code:) and we went to the drinking shop we used to visit a lot, then, went back to school because she’s got class to take. also, just like the old days.

P.S.: The only program I wrote those days is the one I call “wesaid” in my phone, i wrote this on the first day of this short trip, the night before i meet  you., I use “wesaid” to remind me what we said in the last years, on the exact same day. this program intent to be UN-expandable, meaning this is for one phone number and one phone number only, and i won’t use this on other girls, i promise:) it’s too dangerous.

and the next a few days was kinda interesting, too. in fact, I know “MISS Hot Heart Classmate” for  about a year, we met, passed by for so many times, which leads me became more and more interested about her, and want to get to know her better, Luckily, I ask her out at a “Perfect Right time”, her  class was kinda late, she’s kinda hungry and she loves the hot pot. So, we had a night of hot pot, and we talk a lot, definitely more friendly, interesting more those new-just-get-to-know-couples.  it’s like a date but I think we both agree that’s not a date, still, it’s fun to finally get to know her,  and her didn’t disappoint me at all, she’s interested with beautiful smile, and got talent for telling/creating jokes :> but, I doubt she is good at C programming^ and next a few days got little bored but it’s ok:) and finally, i get back to Beijing and post this blog. good night. and hope i can see you guys again, soon:)