You Are the Source of My Source.

hi you, sorry i recently had so much stuffs want to write, but i again again to tell myself, you have gotta learn the iptables first, then move this blog with the domain to a new place, then write. but, i just found out it doesn’t really have much to do with the iptables, it’s apache that do the job. so, i give myself sometime to set up the apache, meanwhile, write those post while i still can remember things:)

first of all, i had great fun at Dec 11, knows as 11.11. i hung out with a very close friend, and we had great meal and watched the moveie The Bourne Legacy, even thought i watched this movie before, but, it’s okay to watch it again, when you have someone to keep you company:) i knew she had some difficult time with study and the other stuffs, but, anyway. Since we both knew the 11.11 means nothing to us, it just make this day much easier. i had the girl i care about and she had a boyfriend she love very much:) so, i think i am not the ones who got a reason to celebrity that day, because i am FALLING IN LOVE with someone, and i think now everyone knows that. but anway, who needs another friends when you had a friend like she, it just make my life easier, at least when i felt down, she’s always the one i can talk to. and she understand me more than any of my friends do.

then, back to a another topic. i can not focus on coding recently, lucky enough, i got Taylor Swift’s songs and coffee, but, i just miss her more and more, she is such  a awesome girl and i never met a girl like her before. and all of a suddenly, when i walk on the road to eat, i came up with this one:

“she is the source of my source, sorry about the bugs, blame her!”

i even post a question on Quora, to see and share with other programmers who feel the same way:

i really really wish i can spend more that with her, when i had chance, to tell her how i felt about her, face to face.

and another topic, about her, again,(why always her!!) now, i just can not figure out what is REALLY going on, so, wish me luck.

i watch a short video “The Last”

it’s about a guy’s view on his previous girlfriends and i somehow, want to write one too, even though, i am still alone now.

my version is about some programming language i know and how i felt about them, but trust me, in fact, it’s

not about programming language, it’s about her and some other girls:)

the last is about some options i got and i can not decided which one to choose yet. it really kills me, so, i will let

you know when i make the final decision:)

good night:)